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The StageIt Community is making an IMPACT on the Entire Industry of Design! 

We are a fellowship of specialized experts including: accredited home stagers, designers, Decor Enthusiasts, and Realtors!  We have united, under ONE uniquely beneficial platform to create synergistic results, intentionally designed for the benefit of us all!

Our MISSION as a community, is to focus on the QUALITY & VALUE being added through the SERVICE, and let the BUSINESS of the service be SUPPORTED on the STRENGTH of a platform that never jeopardizes the other.  As a result, everyone benefits, everyone is motivated and all goals are aligned!

To help our mission, if you are either a Stager or a designer, and support our cause, we encourage you to join our community, starting with the purchasing a tickets for our next StageIt Auction Event. 

Purchase Your Ticket Today!

Home Stagers are supported within the StageIt Community in the following ways:

* Access to posted staging contracts* Highly competitive, fully disclosed hourly rate on staging contracts from our Realtors,* refresh, replace, & update your inventory at trade preferred pricing, * additional income stream,* numerous career growth opportunities* increased exposure of your design skills with support of junior assistants, movers, and end-to-end project manager - all you do is stage! 

Designers and Decorators are supported within the StageIt Community in the following ways:

* Every member has access to attend the quarterly StageIt Auctions, and make money by auctioning their own items of choice on our platform $$$$ As either a participant or contributor you will benefit from a professional Auctioneer at every auction to achieve maximum results for all involved! * Designers & decorators always have complementary tickets for their clients to enjoy and take part of the FUN!

Realtors are supported in all the right areas pertaining to achieving consistent, reliable client satisfaction!  As key players in our StageIt Community platform, you reap the following advantages from your fellowship: *1st: Accredited Stagers & updated luxury furniture selected from Design inspirations! Your listings are staged with NEW, contemporary, high-end fashion-forward furnishings that are professionally presented with BEFORE & AFTER Transformations that literally take your breath away! * 2nd: Your listings will always look just as stunning in print as it does in-person! UNLIMITED PHOTOS are included on all listings staged by StageIt.One! You are provided only the best through 3D Odyssey - ranked #1 Real Estate Photographers throughout the GTA.  

3rd: Above & Beyond Client retention and transition system! Your Clients receive End to End assistance with their transitioning needs, this includes a LIVE CONCEIAGE Team that focus on helping with the "extras" including: ALL moving related inquires,  the transfer of utilities and home services, updating of government identification! Our customized transitioning platform makes the moving experience far less stressful and provides all necessary connections to complete a move with ease! 

4th: Access to Attend the Quarterly StageIt Auction with a client of your choice!

Are You making a trip to your nearest Homesence? Bouclair? Urban Barn? and others just like it on a MONTLY, or even WEEKLY basis? Does it give you elevated heights of pleasure when you find those perfect, unique treasures of accessories that make your home even MORE BEAUTIFUL, MORE LUXURIOUS, MORE ... YOU!!  That means you are what we in the StageIt Community lovingly call our Decor-Enthusiast!  We support your passion for design by giving you trade access to stunning designer items at trade prices through access to the exclusive StageIt Auction!  Auctioned items are selections from Home Stagers and Interior designers that have possibly been showcased for listing properties. These are the treasures that makes EVERYONE say WOW!! I LOVE THIS ROOM! Included for our Decor-Enthusiasts is a complementary lunch before the Auctioneer kicks-off the Auction!  Its both fun and exciting and one event you don't want to EVER MISS-OUT!



Exclusive Member Perks include:

  • Free tickets to quarterly StageIt Auctions going forward

  • Posting of Staging Contracts, detailing compensation, current status, location, and more.

  • Attractive compensations, averaging of over $50 per hour!

  • Realtors preferred lead generation program

  • Stagers preferred lead generation program

  • and so much more!

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